Who is Vicki Dobbs

I am a non-denominational minister ordained in Sacred Arts and Healing.

My passion is teaching and sharing the wisdom within the creation of Ceremonial Art and Sacred Tools.  It is my dream to bring these Teachings and this Sacred Art  to everyone, everywhere who’s desire is to enhance their own personal or professional spiritual journey.

My studies include a Bachelors Degree from CSU Fresno, a graduate certificate from Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training (a four year program), courses through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies that include a Basic Course in Core Shamanism, Shamanic Training in Creativity and a 5-day Intensive for Shamanic Counseling.

I am  currently working in the Heart of the Healer Foundation’s Pachakuti Mesa Apprenticeship program in Cross Cultural Shamanism.

Other Teachers I would like to honor for their part in my learning include Cindy “Drumheart” Green who taught me how to make my very first drum and rattle, Margaret Hart Lewis’ for her Wisdom Walks Series relating to the attributes of intuition at each life stage, amazing classes with Melinda ‘Buffalo Heart’ Abeles in Birthing our Dreams and Walking our Medicine out into the World, and The Shamans Mesa and Crystal Healing with Dr. Liana Carbone of the Institute of Shamanic Wisdom.

​I continue to study with Lynn Andrews in her graduate program and mentor students in her Mystery School and her Writing Spirit program.  I am so blessed to have been able to learn from and work with amazing women artists at the  Mono Indian Museum in North Fork, CA.

They so generously shared their basket making and beading traditions with me.

I will never stop learning… We all face life-changing moments when we can either choose to give up or go on.  I was at one of those crossroads when I was gifted Medicine Woman, a book by Lynn Andrews.

My journey into a new dream began with the reading of that book and all that has transpired since…

It is my fondest desire to bring these Sacred Teachings and the Creative Spirit  that made such a dramatic difference in my life, out into the everyday world for people, everywhere.

To all my Teachers, on Earth and in Spirit, I thank you from the depths of my heart.

You keep opening doors in front of me and it is my pledge to keep walking through them.